Book List
Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN  
Marvel Chronicle 2010 Dorling Kindersley 9781405363921 Details
Michael Abercrombie; Michael Hickman; M.L. Johnson; Michael Thain The New Penguin Dictionary of Biology (Penguin Reference) 1990 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140511772 Details
Douglas Adams Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 1988 Pan Macmillan Paperback 9780330301626 Details
Douglas Adams Mostly Harmless 1993 Tor Books Paperback 9780330323116 Details
Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker Trilogy 1992 Pan Books Paperback 9780330316118 Details
Douglas Adams The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. 1989 Pan Broschiert 9780330309554 Details
Scott Adams Casual Day Has Gone Too Far 1997 Andrews McMeel Publishing Paperback 9780836228991 Details
Scott Adams The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century (Dilbert) 1998 Macmillan UK Paperback 9780752211619 Details
Scott Adams The Dilbert Principle: A Cubicle's-Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads & Other Workplace Afflictions 1997 Collins Paperback 9780887308581 Details
Scott Adams The Joy of Work: Dilbert's Guide to Finding Happiness at the Expense of Your Co-Workers 1999 Collins Paperback 9780887308956 Details
Charles Addams The Addams Family Album 1992 Hamish Hamilton Ltd Paperback 9780241133057 Details
Brian W. Aldiss Supertoys Last All Summer Long: And Other Stories Of Future Time 2001 St. Martin's Griffin Paperback 9780312280611 Details
1802-187 Dumas Alexandre The man in the iron mask 1998 Penguin Paperback 9780140272956 Details
Dante Alighieri Inferno (Mentor) 1993 New Amer Library (Mm) Paperback 9780451628046 Details
Tim Allen Don't stand too close to a naked man 1995 Bantam Paperback 9781863597302 Details
Aaron Allston Iron Fist 1998 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 9780553578973 Details
Aaron Allston Solo Command 1999 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 9780553579000 Details
Aaron Allston Starfighters Of Adumar 1999 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 9780553574180 Details
Aaron Allston Wraith Squadron 1998 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 9780553578942 Details
Kevin Anderson Darksaber 1996 Bantam Unbound 9780553840117 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 2004 Onyx Books Paperback 9780451411631 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Tales From Jabba's Palace 1995 Spectra Mass Market Paperback 9780553568158 Details
Kevin J. Anderson Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina 1995 Spectra Paperback 9780553564686 Details
Kevin J. Anderson THE X-FILES RUINS 1997 HarperPrism Paperback 9780006482536 Details
Kevin J. Anderson; George Lucas Champions of the Force 1994 Bantam Paperback 9780553298024 Details
Kevin J. Anderson; George Lucas Jedi Search 1994 Bantam Paperback 9780553297980 Details
Kevin J. Anderson; George Lucas Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters 1996 Bantam Paperback 9780553568165 Details
Catherine Parker Anthony; Gary A. Thibodeau PhD Structure & function of the body 1984 Times-Mirror/Mosby College Pub. 9780801602962 Details
Jeffrey Archer The Collected Short Stories 1999 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Paperback 9780006514053 Details
Peter Arnold The Book of Games 1992 Chancellor Press Paperback 9781851521784 Details
K's Art How to Draw Manga: Getting Started (How to Draw Manga) 2001 Graphic-Sha Paperback 9784921205003 Details
Isaac Asimov Foundation 1971 Collins Paperback 9780586010808 Details
Isaac Asimov Foundation and Empire 1962 Collins Paperback 9780586013557 Details
Isaac Asimov I, Robot 1968 Voyager Paperback 9780586025321 Details
Isaac Asimov The Rest of the Robots 1994 Collins Mass Market Paperback 9780586025949 Details
Robert Asprin Myth-nomers and Im-pervections (Myth) 1991 Legend Paperback 9780099810902 Details
Robert Asprin The Myth-ing omnibus 1992 Legend paperbacks Paperback 9780099149910 Details
Robert Asprin The Second Myth-ing Omnibus 1992 Legend paperbacks Paperback 9780099214717 Details
Ken Auletta World War 3.0 : Microsoft and Its Enemies 2001 Random House Hardcover 9780375503665 Details
Desmond Bagley Enemy, The 1978 Fontana Paperback 9780006154792 Details
Adrian Bailey; Julie Ridgeway; Steve Ridgeway Walt Disney's world of fantasy 1984 Chartwell Books, Inc. 9780890097540 Details
Patricia Baker Using Simulation Games 1974 Joint Board of Christian Education of Australia an Paperback 9780858190900 Details
Roger Baker Marilyn Monroe: From the Files of the United Press International 1990 Portland Hardcover 9780517693261 Details
Aneesha Bakharia C# Fast & Easy Web Development 2002 Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade Paperback 9781931841054 Details
Geoff Bardot Bessie and Barker Casting Couch Confidential: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Business of the Beautiful People 2003 Macmillan Paperback 9780732911669 Details
Erik Barmack The virgin 2005 Transworld Australia 9781863255783 Details
George Barris Marilyn: Her Life In Her Own Words: Her Life in Her Own Words : Marilyn Monroe's Revealing Last Words and Photographs 2003 Citadel Paperback 9780806524535 Details
Max Barry Company 2006 Doubleday Books Hardcover 9780385514392 Details
Max Barry Jennifer Government 2004 Abacus Paperback 9780349117621 Details
Stephen Baxter Moonseed 1999 Voyager Paperback 9780006498131 Details
Alistair Beaton The little book of New Labour bollocks 2000 Pocket 9780743404129 Details
Scott Beatty Superman 2002 Dorling Kindersley Hardcover 9780751320664 Details
Scott Beatty; Alastair Dougall; Phil Jimenez; Robert Greenberger; Daniel Wallace The DC Comics Encyclopedia 2004 Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd Hardcover 9781405305914 Details
Matt Beaumont E 2000 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Paperback 9780007105311 Details
Jerry Beck Animation art 2004 File Mile Press 9781741244410 Details
Jerry Beck Warner Brothers Animation Art 1998 Universe Hardcover 9780883631072 Details
Jerry Beck; Warner Bros Consumer Products Ltd Ultimate Looney Tunes 2003 Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd Hardcover 9780751328462 Details
Peter Beere Star Warriors (Point Fantasy) 1995 Scholastic Paperback 9780590557061 Details
Doug Bell; Mike Parr Java for students 2005 Pearson Prentice Hall 9780131246188 Details
Olivia De Berardinis The Art Of Olivia (Olivia's Cheesecake Chronicles, 1) 2004 Ozone Productions Paperback 9780929643120 Details
Eric Berne Md Games People Play 1973 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140027686 Details
Terry Bisson The 5th Element 1997 Voyager Paperback 9780006483465 Details
Brian Blessed Dynamite Kid 1992 Bloomsbury Publishing PLC Hardcover 9780747512752 Details
Robert Bloch Twilight Zone The Movie 1983 QB Book Paperback 9780725514877 Details
David Bodanis E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation 2001 Pan Books Paperback 9780330391658 Details
David Bodanis Electric Universe: The Shocking True Story of Electricity 2005 Crown Paperback 9780316729727 Details
Erma Bombeck Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your Own 1999 Fawcett Books Mass Market Paperback 9780449208342 Details
Titan Books Watchmen: The Official Film Companion 2009 Titan Books Paperback 9781848560673 Details
Cynthia Boris Pop Quiz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 1999 Simon Spotlight Entertainment Mass Market Paperback 9780671042585 Details
Ron Boyd Superman Animation Cel Painting Kit 1998 Walter Foster Publishing, Incorporated 9781560102946 Details
Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 1996 Voyager Paperback (A Format) 9780586043561 Details
Ray Bradbury I Sing the Body Electric 1998 Pocket Books Paperback 9780671017897 Details
Ray Bradbury Quicker Than the Eye (Earthlight) 1998 Pocket Books Paperback 9780671017842 Details
Ray Bradbury Something Wicked This Way Comes 1998 Earthlight Mass Market Paperback 9780671017903 Details
BradyGames Diablo II Combo 2001 Pearson Professional Education Trade Paperback 9780744001051 Details
Po Bronson The First 20 Million Dollars is Always the Hardest 1998 Vintage Paperback 9780099268284 Details
Will Brooker Batman Unmasked 2001 Continuum International Publishing Group Paperback 9780826413437 Details
Christopher Brookmyre Be My Enemy 2004 Little Brown Paperback 9780316726146 Details
Robertski Brothers The McAtrix Derided (Gollancz) 2005 Gollancz Paperback 9780575076679 Details
Dr. Craig Brown The Little Book of Chaos 1998 Time Warner Paperbacks Paperback 9780751526578 Details
Dan Brown Angels And Demons 2001 Corgi Books Paperback 9780552150736 Details
Dan Brown Deception Point 2004 Corgi Books Paperback 9780552151764 Details
Dan Brown Digital Fortress 2004 Corgi Adult Paperback 9780552151696 Details
Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code 2004 Corgi Books Paperback 9780552149518 Details
Dan Brown The Lost Symbol 2009 Bantam Press Hardcover 9780593054277 Details
Erika Brown How to Think Like the World's Greatest High-Tech Titans 2000 McGraw-Hill Companies Hardcover 9780071360685 Details
Stan Brown; Mary H. Herbert; Don Perrin Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume Two (Dragonlance: Bertrem's Guide) 2002 Wizards of the Coast Mass Market Paperback 9780786928163 Details
Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange (Penguin Modern Classics) 2000 Penguin Classics Paperback 9780141182605 Details
Emma Burgess The Little Book of Essential Foreign Swearwords (Summersdale Humour) 2002 Summersdale Publishers Paperback 9781840242393 Details
Augusten Burroughs Sellevision: A Novel 2003 Picador Paperback 9780312422288 Details
Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan of the Apes (Signet Classics) 1990 Signet Classics Paperback 9780451524232 Details
Rogers Cadenhead Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours (Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours Series) 1999 Sams Paperback 9780672316302 Details
Michael Cader Ultimate Book of Lists (PB) 2001 Macmillan Reference Paperback 9780333906248 Details
Bruce Campbell MS FRCP FRCS If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor 2001 Saint Martin's Press Hardcover 9780312242640 Details
Bruce Campbell MS FRCP FRCS Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way 2005 Thomas Dunne Books Hardcover 9780312312602 Details
Orson Scott Card Dragons of Light (Ace Science Fiction) 1980 Ace Books Paperback 9780441166602 Details
Drew Carey Dirty jokes and beer 1997 Transworld Publishing 9780733801464 Details
Elizabeth Carlassare DotCom Divas: Profiles of 20 Successful Web Companies and the Women Who Founded Them 2001 McGraw-Hill Education Hardcover 9780071362429 Details
George Carlin When will Jesus bring the pork chops? 2005 Scribe 9781920769406 Details
Charles Carney; Gina Misiroglu Space Jammin': Michael and Bugs Hit the Big Screen 1996 Rutledge Hill Pr Hardcover 9781558534261 Details
David Bennett Carren No power on earth 1986 Medallion Books 9781556270215 Details
Bill Carter The Late Shift: Letterman, Leno, and the Network Battle for the Night 1996 Hyperion Books Paperback 9780786889075 Details
Elizabeth Castro Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guides) 1998 Peachpit Press Paperback 9780201353587 Details
Dr. Graham Chapman Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Complete Unexpurgated Scripts of the Original TV Series - Volume I and Volume II 1990 Random House UK Paperback 9780749302269 Details
Solomon Charles The Art Of Frozen 2013 Chronicle Books LLC Hardcover 9781452117164 Details
John Christopher The Tripods Trilogy: " White Mountains " , " City of Gold and Lead " and " Pool of Fire " (Puffin Books) 1984 Puffin Books Paperback 9780140317220 Details
Tom Clancy The Hunt For Red October 1986 Fontana Press Paperback 9780006172765 Details
Chris Claremont; George Lucas Shadow Dawn (Chronicles of the Shadow War/George Lucas, 2) 1997 Spectra Hardcover 9780553095975 Details
Chris Claremont; George Lucas Shadow Star (Lucas, George. Chronicles of the Shadow War, 3rd.) 1999 Spectra Hardcover 9780553095982 Details
Arthur C. Clarke 2001: A Space Odyssey 1999 Orbit Paperback (A Format) 9781857236644 Details
Arthur C. Clarke 2010 1982 Voyager Paperback 9780586056998 Details
Arthur C. Clarke 2061: Odyssey Three 1989 Grafton Paperback 9780586203194 Details
Arthur C. Clarke 3001: The Final Odyssey 1997 Voyager Paperback 9780586066249 Details
Arthur C. Clarke; Michael P. Kube-McDowell The Trigger 2000 Voyager Paperback 9780006483830 Details
Rohan Clarke The golden girl 2006 Random House 9781741665710 Details
Marie Clayton Marilyn (Unseen Archives) 2003 Parragon Plus Hardcover 9781405414005 Details
Andrew Cleave Bats: A Portrait of the Animal World 1999 Todtri Hardcover 9781577171300 Details
Andrew Cleave Bats: A Portrait of the Animal World 1999 Todtri Hardcover 9781577171300 Details
John Cleese; Connie Booth The complete Fawlty Towers 1988 Mandarin Broschiert 9780749301590 Details
Toby Clements The Asti Spumante Code: A Parody 2005 Time Warner Paperbacks Paperback 9780751537680 Details
Pamela Conder With wings on their fingers 1994 Angus & Robertson 9780207184031 Details
Arthur Byron Cover Flash Gordon 1981 New English Library Ltd Paperback 9780450051913 Details
Michael Crichton Airframe 1997 Ballantine Books Paperback 9780345402875 Details
Michael Crichton Jurassic Park 1980 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback 9780099895107 Details
Michael Crichton Prey 2004 Best Reads / HarperCollins Hardcover 9780732281205 Details
Michael Crichton RISING SUN, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, BINARY 1994 DEALERFIELD Hardcover 9780091785857 Details
Michael Crichton Sphere 1998 Pan Books Paperback 9780330370356 Details
Michael Crichton The Great Train Robbery / The Andromeda Strain 2002 Arrow Mass Market Paperback 9780091890957 Details
Michael Crichton The Lost World 1996 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback 9780099637813 Details
Michael Crichton The Terminal Man 1996 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback 9780099442110 Details
Michael Crichton Timeline 2000 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback 9780099244721 Details
Lawrence Crown Marilyn at Twentieth Century Fox 1990 Smithmark Publishers Hardcover 9781852270254 Details
John Culhane "Fantasia 2000": A Vision of Hope 2000 Hyperion Hardcover 9780786861989 Details
John Culhane Walt Disney's Fantasia 1999 Harry N. Abrams Hardcover 9780810980785 Details
Richard Curtis; Ben Elton; John Lloyd Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty 1998 Michael Joseph Hardcover 9780718143725 Details
Peter W. Czernich Vintage Dita 2008 Edition Skylight Hardcover 9783037665909 Details
Charles Sherwood Dane Life's little destruction book 1992 Black Inc. Books 9781863810388 Details
Charles Sherwood Dane Life's Little Destruction Book: A Parody 1993 Time Warner Paperbacks Paperback 9781863950152 Details
Les Daniels Batman The Complete History: The Life and Times of the Dark Knight 1999 Chronicle Books Hardcover 9780811824705 Details
Les Daniels Marvel (First Impressions) 1993 Harry N. Abrams Paperback 9780810925663 Details
Emma Darcy Who killed Camilla? 2003 Macmillan 9780732911843 Details
Tiffanie Darke Strapline 2002 Pocket Books Paperback 9780671037550 Details
Professor Charles Darwin The Darwin Charles : Origin of Species (Mentor) 1991 Penguin Books Australia Ltd Paperback 9780451627766 Details
Kushner David Jonny Magic and the card shark kids 2006 William Heinemann Paperback 9780434016075 Details
Peter A. David The Spider-Man Vault 2011 Running Press 9780762437726 Details
Nicola Davies; Sarah Fox-Davies Bat loves the night 2001 Walker 9780744528879 Details
Dr. Harold Davis Visual basic 6. 1999 Peachpit Press Paperback 9780201353839 Details
William Davis Corporate Infighter's Handbook 1986 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback 9780099435402 Details
David Day The world of Tolkien : 2003 M. Beazley Hardcover 9781840006896 Details
Tom DeFalco Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide (Amazing Spider-Man (Dk Publishing)) 2007 DK CHILDREN Hardcover 9780756626754 Details
Ellen DeGeneres My Point...and I Do Have One 1995 Bantam Hardcover 9780553099553 Details
Dean Devlin Independence Day: Novelisation 1996 Boxtree Ltd Paperback 9780752202815 Details
Dean Devlin Independence Day: Novelisation 1996 Boxtree Ltd Paperback 9780752202815 Details
Philip K. Dick Blade Runner 1999 Gollancz Paperback 9781857988123 Details
Philip K. Dick Time Out of Joint 2002 Vintage Paperback 9780375719271 Details
Philip K. Dick We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (Vol. 5 of Collected Stories) 1991 Voyager Paperback 9780586207697 Details
J.M. Dillard; Rick Berman; Michael Piller Star Trek Insurrection (Star Trek The Next Generation) 1998 Star Trek Hardcover 9780671024475 Details
Paul Dini; Chip Kidd Batman Animated 1999 Harper Paperbacks Paperback 9780061073274 Details
Mini Books Doubleday Women's Wit And Wisdom (Miniature Editions) 1991 Running Press Miniature Editions Hardcover 9781561380374 Details
Sara Douglass Beyond the Hanging Wall 2000 Voyager Paperback 9780732264055 Details
Arthur Conan Doyle The Hound of the Baskervilles (Puffin Classics) 1995 Puffin Paperback 9780140366990 Details
Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost World: Being an Account of the Recent Amazing Adventures of Professor George E. Challenger, Lord John Roxton, Professor Summerlee, and Mr E.D. ... the Daily Gazette (Oxford World's Classics) 1998 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback 9780192833525 Details
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Best of Sherlock Holmes (Wordsworth Classics) 1998 Wordsworth Editions Ltd Paperback 9781853267482 Details
Alexandre Dumas The Three Musketeers (Oxford World's Classics) 1999 Oxford Paperbacks Paperback 9780192835758 Details
Robert Eastaway How Long Is a Piece of String? 2002 Robson Books Ltd Hardcover 9781861055057 Details
Kevin J. Eastman Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2. (IBooks) 1999 I Books Paperback 9780671038960 Details
Katja Ehrhardt; Fräulein Ehrhardt High Gloss Dolls 2012 Goliath Verlag GmbH 9783936709544 Details
Ben Elton Blast from the Past 1999 Black Swan Paperback 9780552146647 Details
Ben Elton Blind Faith 2007 Bantam Press Paperback 9780593058015 Details
Ben Elton Chart Throb 2007 Black Swan Paperback 9780552773775 Details
Ben Elton Dead Famous 2002 Black Swan Paperback 9780552149020 Details
Ben Elton First Casualty, The 2005 Bantam Press Paperback 9780593051122 Details
Ben Elton High Society 2003 Transworld Publishers Paperback 9780593049402 Details
Ben Elton Inconceivable 2000 Bantam Books Paperback 9780552148191 Details
Ben Elton Past Mortem 2005 Bantam Press Paperback 9780593050965 Details
Ben Elton Popcorn 1997 Pocket Books Paperback 9780671855673 Details
Ben Elton Star 2000 Warner Paperback 9780751531442 Details
Ben Elton This Other Eden 1993 Pocket Books Paperback 9780671851804 Details
Ben Elton UnControllable 2009 Bantam Press Paperback 9780593061930 Details
Ben Elton; Rik Mayall; Lise Mayer Bachelor Boys 1988 Time Warner Paperbacks Paperback 9780722157657 Details
Michael Ende The Neverending Story 1984 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback 9780140076196 Details
Joe Eszterhas American rhapsody 2000 Pan Macmillan 9780732910693 Details
Euripides Medea and Other Plays (Penguin Classics) 1963 Penguin Classics Paperback 9780140441291 Details
Mark Fabi Wyrm 1998 Spectra Paperback 9780553578089 Details
Raymond E. Feist A Darkness At Sethanon 1987 Voyager Paperback 9780586066881 Details
Raymond E. Feist Krondor: Tear of the Gods 2002 HarperCollins Canada / Mm, Us Adult Mass Market Paperback 9780380795284 Details
Raymond E. Feist Magician (Riftwar Saga) 1993 Collins Paperback 9780586217832 Details
Raymond E. Feist Silverthorn 1986 Voyager Paperback 9780586064177 Details
Raymond E. Feist Talon of the Silver Hawk 2003 Voyager Paperback 9780007161850 Details
Raymond E. Feist; William R. Forstchen; William Fortschen Honoured Enemy (Legends of the Riftwar) 2001 Voyager Hardcover 9780002247184 Details
Raymond E. Feist; Janny Wurts Daughter of the Empire 1988 Voyager Paperback 9780586074817 Details
Raymond E. Feist; Janny Wurts Mistress of the Empire 2000 Voyager Paperback 9780586203798 Details
Raymond E. Feist; Janny Wurts Servant of the Empire 2000 Voyager Paperback 9780586203811 Details
Bob Fenster Duh! The Stupid History Of The Human Race 2000 Andrews McMeel Publishing Paperback 9780740710025 Details
Brock Fenton The Bat: Wings in the Night Sky 1998 Firefly Books Paperback 9781552092538 Details
Peter Fenton They Called Him Boy 2006 Not Avail Paperback 9781741665581 Details
Helen Fielding; Fielding Helen Bridget Jones's Diary 1997 Picador (UK) Paperback 9780330332774 Details
Christopher Finch The Art of The Lion King 1994 Disney Editions Hardcover 9780786860289 Details
Ian Fleming Moonraker 1984 Berkley Paperback 9780425076569 Details
Ian Fleming On Her Majesty's Secret Service 2006 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780141028354 Details
Ian Fleming The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond) 1987 Diamond Books Paperback 9780425086810 Details
Alan Dean Foster Cat-a-lyst 1993 Orbit Paperback 9781857230116 Details
Alan Dean Foster Life Form 1995 Orbit Paperback 9781857233582 Details
Alan Dean Foster The Tar-aiym Krang 1986 New English Library Ltd Paperback 9780450042706 Details
John Fowles French Lieutenant's Woman 1971 Panther Paperback 9780586034033 Details
Michael J. Fox Lucky Man: A Memoir 2003 Bantam Press Paperback 9781863252898 Details
Dick Francis To the Hilt 1997 Pan Books Mass Market Paperback 9780330352253 Details
Ryan Frank The sundered world 2000 HarperCollins 9780732266769 Details
Jason Fry "Star Wars: Clone Wars": The Visual Guide (Star Wars Clone Wars) 2008 Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd Hardcover 9781405332767 Details
Jennifer Fulton Complete Idiot's Guide to Upgrading and Repairing PCs (Complete Idiot's Guide) 1998 Que Paperback 9780789716422 Details
Jennifer Fulton The Complete Idiot's Guide to DOS 1994 Que Paperback 9781567614961 Details
Prima Games UK Doom 3 (Prima Official Game Guide) 2004 Prima Games Paperback 9780761547181 Details
Martin Gardner My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles (Math & Logic Puzzles) 1994 Dover Publications Paperback 9780486281520 Details
David Garnett Bikini Planet 2001 Roc Paperback 9780451458605 Details
David S. Garnett Space Wasters 2001 Orbit Paperback 9781841490120 Details
Bill Gates; Nathan Myhrvold; Peter Rinearson Road Ahead, The 1995 Viking Hardcover 9780670772896 Details
Peter James George DOCTOR STRANGELOVE: OR, HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB 2000 Prion Paperback 9781853753107 Details
Michael Gerber Barry Trotter & the Shameless Parody 2003 Viking Children's Books Hardcover 9780670041473 Details
Michael Gerber Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel 2003 Viking Children's Books Hardcover 9780670041619 Details
David Gerrold Starhunt (Venture SF Books) 2000 Legend paperbacks Paperback 9780099409007 Details
Darril R. Gibson Windows 7 Desktop Support And Administration: Real World Skills For Mcitp Certification And Beyond 2010 Wiley Technology Pub. Paperback 9780470597095 Details
William Gibson Burning Chrome 1988 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Paperback 9780586074619 Details
William Gibson Mona Lisa Overdrive 1989 Voyager Paperback 9780586207475 Details
John Glassie A Man Of Misconceptions 2013 Paperback 9781594631894 Details
Steve Diet Goedde The Beauty of Fetish 2001 Edition Stemmle 9783908163428 Details
Dan Gookin DOS for Dummies (For Dummies) 1998 John Wiley & Sons Paperback 9780764503610 Details
Dan Gookin Word for Windows 95 for Dummies 1995 John Wiley & Sons Paperback 9781568849324 Details
Rene Goscinny; Albert Uderzo Asterix Omnibus 1 2011 Orion Pub Co 9781444004236 Details
Seal Graham The bare fax 1996 Angus & Robertson Paperback 9780207191299 Details
Kelsey Grammer So Far... 1995 Dutton Adult Hardcover 9780525940418 Details
John Grant Encyclopedia Of Walt Disney's Animated Characters 1993 Disney Editions Hardcover 9781562829049 Details
Neil Grant; Frank Outlet Marilyn Monroe: In Her Own Words 1991 Crescent Hardcover 9780517061039 Details
Rob Grant Backwards (Red Dwarf) 1996 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140171501 Details
Rob Grant Colony 2001 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140289756 Details
Rob Grant Fat (Gollancz S.F.) 2006 Gollancz Hardcover 9780575074200 Details
Rob Grant Incompetnece; Bad is the New Good 2004 Gollancz, London Paperback 9780575075337 Details
Kimberly Graves Ceh Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide 2010 Sybex Paperback 9780470525203 Details
Kimberly Graves Ceh: Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide: Exam 312-50 2007 Sybex Paperback 9780782144376 Details
Andrew Greeley God Game 1987 Arrow Books Paperback 9780099485803 Details
Howard E. Green Tarzan Chronicles (Welcome Book) 1999 Disney Editions Hardcover 9780786864034 Details
John Grisham The Pelican Brief 1993 Island Mass Market Paperback 9780099382911 Details
Matt Groening The Simpsons Handbook: Secret Tips from the Pros (Simpsons (Harper)) 2007 Harper Paperbacks Hardcover 9780061231292 Details
Matt Groening; Ray Richmond; Antonia Coffman The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family 1997 Harper Paperbacks Paperback 9780060952525 Details
Matt Groening; Ray Richmond; Antonia Coffman The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family 1997 Harper Paperbacks Paperback 9780060952525 Details
Winston Groom Gump and Co 1995 Bantam Doubleday Dell Paperback 9780552996631 Details
William Gurstelle Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices 2001 Chicago Review Press Paperback 9781556523755 Details
G.M. Hague Voices of Evil 2001 Pan Books Mass Market Paperback 9781865156422 Details
Vivien Halas; Paul Wells Halas & Batchelor Cartoons: An Animated History 2007 Southbank Publishing Turtleback 9781904915171 Details
Geri Halliwell If Only 2000 Bantam Books Ltd Paperback 9780553812930 Details
Edmond Hamilton; Edmond Hamiliton Starwolf 1985 Ace Books Paperback 9780099400301 Details
Jack Hamm Cartooning the Head and Figure 1986 Perigee Trade Paperback 9780399508035 Details
Jack Hamm Drawing the Head and Figure 1982 Perigee Trade Paperback 9780399507915 Details
Thomas Harris Hannibal 2000 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback 9780099297703 Details
Harry Harrison Bill the Galactic Hero 2001 I Books Paperback 9780743423762 Details
Harry Harrison Deathworld 1 1991 Orbit Paperback 9780722144855 Details
Harry Harrison Deathworld 2 1991 Orbit Paperback 9780722144848 Details
Harry Harrison Deathworld 3 1991 Orbit Paperback 9780722145067 Details
Harry Harrison Invasion Earth (Sphere Science Fiction) 1991 Orbit Paperback 9780722145326 Details
Harry Harrison Montezuma's Revenge 1987 Tor Books Paperback 9780812504446 Details
Harry Harrison The stainless steel rat's revenge (Sphere science fiction) 1979 Sphere Paperback 9780722144824 Details
Stephen Hawking A Brief History of Time 1989 Bantam Books Ltd Hardcover 9780553176988 Details
Humphrey Hawksley The Third World War: A Terrifying Novel of Global Conflict 2003 Macmillan UK Paperback 9780330492492 Details
Robert Heinlein; Ray Bradbury; Werner Von Braun; Ward Moore; Arthur C. Clarke; William F. Nolan; James Classic Science Fiction (Classic Science Fiction: Space Movies) 1998 Pan Paperback 9780330374170 Details
Robert A. Heinlein Beyond this horizon (Panther science fiction) 1974 Panther Paperback 9780586023488 Details
Robert A. Heinlein Friday 1983 New English Library Paperback 9780450055492 Details
Robert A. Heinlein Menace from Earth (Corgi SF collector's library) 1973 Corgi Adult Paperback 9780552093347 Details
Robert A. Heinlein Menace from Earth (Corgi SF collector's library) 1973 Corgi Adult Paperback 9780552093347 Details
Robert A. Heinlein Starship Troopers 1993 New English Library Paperback (A Format) 9780450005732 Details
Robert A. Heinlein The Green Hills of Earth 1974 Pan Bks. Paperback 9780330106795 Details
Robert A. Heinlein The Man Who Sold The Moon 2000 Baen Mass Market Paperback 9780671578633 Details
Robert A. Heinlein The Number Of The Beast 1980 Ballantine Books Paperback 9780449900192 Details
Robert A. Heinlein The Puppet Masters 1979 Pan Books Paperback (A Format) 9780330022354 Details
Robert A. Heinlein The Puppet Masters 1979 Pan Books Paperback (A Format) 9780330022354 Details
Ernest Hemingway The new encyclopaedia Britannica in 30 volumes 1979 Encyclopaedia Britannica Unknown Binding 9780852293393 Details
Tom Hepburn The World's 72 Toughest Golf Holes 1984 Collins Hardcover 9780004900582 Details
Frank Herbert Dune 1982 New English Library Paperback 9780450011849 Details
Frank Herbert Eye 1988 New English Library Ltd Paperback 9780450424052 Details
Frank Herbert Under Pressure 1978 Ballantine Books (P) Paperback 9780345298294 Details
Herge Destination Moon (The Adventures Of Tintin) 1976 Little, Brown Young Readers Paperback 9780316358453 Details
Michael Herr Kubrick 2001 Picador Paperback 9780330481137 Details
Carl Hiaasen Basket Case 2002 MacMillan & Co. Paperback 9780333907917 Details
Carl Hiaasen Hoot 2004 Macmillan Children's Books Paperback 9780330415293 Details
Carl Hiaasen Nature Girl 2007 Black Swan Paperback 9780552773713 Details
Carl Hiaasen Sick Puppy 2000 Pan Macmillan Paperback 9780330486392 Details
Carl Hiaasen Skinny Dip 2005 Black Swan Paperback 9780552772532 Details
Carl Hiaasen Stormy Weather 1997 Pan Books Paperback 9780330340946 Details
Carl Hiaasen Stormy Weather / Lucky You 2003 Pan Books Paperback 9780330420983 Details
Carl Hiaasen Strip Tease 1994 Pan Books Paperback 9780330333849 Details
Carl Hiaasen Striptease: AND Native Tongue 2003 Pan Books Paperback 9780330436786 Details
Carl Hiaasen Tourist Season 1992 Pan Books Paperback 9780330322362 Details
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Love and War (TSR Fantasy) 1988 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140106961 Details
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Magic of Krynn (TSR Fantasy) 1988 Penguin Books Ltd Paperback 9780140106947 Details
Tracy Hickman Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes (TSR Fantasy) 1988 Penguin Books Ltd Hardcover 9780140106954 Details
Tracy Hickman Requiem Of Stars: Songs Of The Stellar Wi 1996 Spectra Paperback 9780553573022 Details
Philip E. High Sold-For a Spaceship (Venture SF Bks.) 1985 Hamlyn Pbs. Paperback 9780099427803 Details
Douglas Hill The Fraxilly Fracas 1989 Gollancz 9780575045095 Details
Douglas Arthur Hill The Colloghi conspiracy 1990 Gollancz 9780575047792 Details
Burne Hogarth Dynamic Figure Drawing: A New Approach to Drawing the Moving Figure in Deep Space and Foreshortening (Practical Art Books): A New Approach to Drawing the ... and Foreshortening (Practical Art Books) 1996 Watson-Guptill Publications Inc.,U.S. Paperback 9780823015771 Details
Homer The Iliad (Oxford World's Classics) 1998 Oxford University Press Paperback 9780192834058 Details
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