Death Race 2000
Digital Multimedia (1975)
Sports, Science Fiction, Action
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IMDB   6.2
79 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
David Carradine Frankenstein
Simone Griffeth Annie Smith
Sylvester Stallone Joe
Roberta Collins Matilda the Hun
Martin Kove Nero the Hero
Don Steele Junior Bruce
Mary Woronov Calamity Jane
Louisa Moritz Myra
Joyce Jameson Grace Pander
Carle Bensen Harold
Paul Bartel
Producer Roger Corman
Jim Weatherill
Writer Charles Griffith
Robert Thom
Ib Melchior

In a boorish future, the government sponsors a popular, but bloody, cross-country race in which points are scored by mowing down pedestrians. Five teams, each comprised of a male and female, compete using cars equipped with deadly weapons. Frankenstein, the mysterious returning champion, has become America's hero, but this time he has a passenger from the underground resistance.
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No. of Disks/Tapes 1